Time - Table Management

myguru Time-table Management provides an easy way to publish your time-table and manage teacher arrangement/substitution for absent teachers.

Publishing time-table is one of the biggest challenges in a school. Most education boards are mandating a lighter bag for students which can be attained by ensuring an updated time-table is visible to students and parents. myguru Time-Table Publishing helps a school to publish its time-table, notifying parents and students on their app. Daily time-table will be visible to parents and students on the myguru app and all changes to the same will be reflected in real-time manner on the app.

Features & Benefits

Class-wise Time-Table

Create class-wise and section-wise time-table and shares with teachers and parents

Multiple Teachers

Assign more than one teacher to the same period for a class.

Multiple Subjects

Schedule multiple subjects in the same period for different periods in a class.

Schedule assembly and breaks

Include assembly and multiple breaks in your daily time-table.

Different Daily Plan

You can have different timings, number of periods or breaks on different days of the week

As many periods as you want

No limitation on number or periods to be scheduled each day.

How it Works?

Create time-table pattern
Add periods to each day
Add teachers to each subject
Publish to parents