myguru App for Parents & Students

​World-over, research has proven that higher the involvement of parents in child’s activities, better is the learning outcome.

With myguru app, parents now have a one-stop place to look at for all school information. Not only can they get all information in one place, they can make fees payment, apply for leave and even communicate with teachers over the app. myguru app provides a secure, child-specific communication and transaction interface, making it the preferred choice of thousands of parents.

Features & Benefits


Get complete list of all subjects that your ward studies and the names and email IDs of the teachers that teach those subjects

Club / House

Get complete information about activities, teams, clubs etc. that your ward is a part of – messages, events and photos


Teachers can share quizzes that students can take on the app. Once completed, get your score and the right answers to improve your knowledge


Get the inside information about your ward’s school. Receive detailed newsletters from the school that you can download and view.


Complete school calendar on your fingertips with details of all past and upcoming events.

Image Gallery

Photos of school activities and students' participation in various events of the school

Compose Message

Send a message to the teachers who teach your ward. No need to visit the school or wait on phone to speak to the teacher. Connect anytime!

Apply for Leave

Have a sick child or traveling out of town? Apply for leave from the app itself. Select dates for leave, reason and even send attachments if needed.

Send Request

Send special requests to the school admin. Submit important documents from the app