Attendance and Leave Management

myguru Attendance Management provides an complete solution to schools to automate attendance taking, attendance reporting, leave application, leave approval and attendance analytics.

Integrated deeply with the school management system, myguru Attendance software allows schools to capture attendance in multiple ways – teacher taking attendance on app, taking attendance on web-panel or uploading attendance by excel file. Parents are notified on their app in case the child is marked absent or on-leave in the school. Parents can apply for leave from their app and even submit medical certificate from the app.

Features & Benefits

Time Saving

No need to manually compile attendance across students or classes. All reporting is automatic.

Save and Edit Later

Take attendance and edit later on as needed until you publish the attendance.

Daily Record on parent app

Parents can access daily attendance record or a monthly calendar view of attendance.

Role-based Access

Only specified teachers can take attendance for their classes.

Real-time Analytics

Get access to real-time attendance status, absence and leave information.

Reduce Delays

Reduce delay in attendance process by providing attendance on app facility.


Attendance process becomes error-free as there is minimum manual intervention.

Single/Multiple Attendance

Take attendance once a day or in every lecture as per your needs.

Secure & Safe

Secure encryption technology and highly secure data centers keep your data always safe.

How it Works?

Parents can apply for leave
Leave approval by admin
Notification to parents on app
Reports for school admin